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With Peter Rutherford.

Peter Rutherford, the Senior Ecologist from Kimbriki Eco House & Garden Education Centre in Sydney, will speak about the role of soil, and its core component, HUMUS, in our urgent task of slowing down the rate of climate change. Soil is the worlds most efficient storage vessel, for Carbon Dioxide (CO2). The quickest and most efficient way to reduce the amount of CO2 we now have in the atmosphere, is for us all to lean how to convert it into HUMUS, which is made of structural chains of Carbon.    Simply put - the 'black stuff' in good soil is HUMUS! (Not Hommus!)

It is quicker to extract atmospheric carbon by turning it into Humus, than it is to do it by growing trees!

Come and learn more about this urgent & vital message, and what you can do, personally, to assist.

Peter has recently deepened his own knowledge and understanding in this area, when he heard one of our top Australian soil scientists, Graeme Sait, speak at a big soil event in Sydney recently.

Peter stated that:  "Graeme Sait has an extraordinary message for us all, as we contemplate the very survival of the human species".

Peter will be showing a short video of a very recent interview, with Graeme Sait.

Healthy Soils = Healthy Plants = Healthy People.

If you are ready to actually stand up and do something to assist in slowing down climate change, then be at this presentation!

Short Bio of Peter

Peter Rutherford has been the Senior Eco Gardener at Kimbriki Eco House and Garden for more than 15 years. Peter is a social ecologist, horticulturist and educator with an extensive knowledge of soils and microbes and the sciences of composting and worm farming. With an infectious passion for sustainable living, Peter inspires both adults and children to live more sustainably.

Peter has taught in schools, co-designed and presented the EPA Earthworks and the Waste Board’s Healthy Gardens courses and has authored many articles, books and videos. Peter has been both guest and presenter on ABC’s popular Gardening Australia as well as appearing on various gardening and lifestyle television programs promoting the benefits of composting and worm farming, and overall sustainable living

You can contact Peter by writing or emailing via Kimbriki Eco House and Garden.