Kariong Eco Garden

MEDIA RELEASE.  2 May 2016

For the love of bugs & bees

Kariong Eco Garden, Dandaloo St, Kariong, on Saturday 7 May from 2 – 4pm.

Ever wondered what really does live in your backyard?

What bug it was you saw, or perhaps what it does?

Which plants will attract good bugs and bees to your garden?

How can you make native bee homes?

Dr Alan Kwok, local Ecologist and Photographer, is one of the presenters at the Kariong Eco Garden's family friendly wildlife workshop this Saturday focusing on INVERTEBRATES – For the love of Bugs and Bees:

“Although not always seen, invertebrates – that is, animals without a backbone – comprise at least 97% of all the animals in this world. This includes insects like bees, butterflies, lacewings and ants, to crabs and spiders and everything in between.”

“Invertebrates are the most common animals in suburban backyards. On the Central Coast we are exceptionally lucky as we have a lot of trees and bushland nearby – these areas serve as a source from where animals can come into our yards.”

“Invertebrates are incredible creatures with fascinating lives. For example, many insects spend years underground as larvae, and emerge from the soil to live for only a few weeks. We only get to see them for a fraction of their lives. And we know very little about them as a result.”

“They're involved in a huge range of ecosystem services – including pollination, nutrient cycling, and cleaning the water. But unfortunately, people just think of them as pests, even though 99% of them do us no harm.”

But wait there's more - Native Bees are on the program!

Gavin Smith who is on the Gather By team as beekeeper (both Native and Honey Bees) will also be sharing his knowledge about bees at the workshop.  His interest in insects has been life-long. Gavin has had his own sustainability stall at the Horticultural Pavilion at the Royal Easter Show for the last four years and was the first to display native hives there.

He is a member of the Amateur Beekeepers Association and is on the committee of the Sydney Bee Club. He has been teaching native and honey beekeeping for the last three years and gives talks to gardening and community groups and schools.  Every year he helps split the native bee hives for Wild Things at Ku-ring-gai council.  Their recent tally of native bee hives that this project has put out into the community is 500!!  What a milestone that is. (picture of Gavin Smith and his co-teacher Alison attached)


All ages welcome. Afternoon tea provided. Gold coin donation. Bring water bottle and hat.

To Book or for more info contact Lisa on phone 0417 686694 or Email:kariongecogarden@gmail.com

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