Kariong Eco Garden

Kariong Eco Garden submission on Gosford City Council Waste Strategy

Draft Report May 2013. Submission deadline 30 January 2014.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to comment on the GCC Waste Strategy.

We hope to be part of an ongoing conversation into ways that waste can be

avoided in Gosford LGA. Within our networks are many people passionate

about waste reduction and actively working to sort it, reduce it, compost it, reuse

and upcycle it in homes, schools, churches, workplaces and the wider


Our general approach to ‘waste’ is inspired by permaculture principles eg

“There is no such thing as waste – only things (resources) in the wrong place:”

or as it says on our Waste Wise booklet for visiting school students:

There is only one planet earth - let’s not waste it.

We would like to affirm Gosford Council's

- awareness that food waste is an important target area.

- Gas capture at GCC’s landfills

- Initiatives like Second Hand Saturday

- Chemical clean up days

- Proactive recycling promotion in local media

- Education and awareness programs eg on home composting

- Professional waste management

- Support for Container Deposit Legislation in NSW

Kariong Eco Garden has a particular interest in the awareness and education

regarding waste as this is a key component of what we seek to do – be a living

learnscape where people can learn about composting, worm farming, water and

energy conservation and growing food naturally


We feel that we are only scratching the surface of what can be achieved in our

community in terms of organics recycling in schools, businesses and homes.

There is much more scope for diversion of food waste from landfill. We are also

concerned about the over convenience of Bulk Kerbside Rubbish collections

and feel that this encourages a throwaway mindset when things are not wanted

but are still useful.

Public Place recycling trials can be informative. Please audit these bins and

consider trialling a Reverse Vending machine, which is the technology that will

be used with a national Container Deposit System. We appreciate Gosford

Council’s support for Container Deposits. We run a clean up Australia day site

every year and see hundred of bottles and cans – often in the vicinity of public

place bins. Please continue to lobby for CDS.


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